Acrobat consolidating duplicate fonts

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So I opened the 3-megabyte PDF in Acrobat Pro and started exploring its settings. Acrobat had only managed to shave off a few hundred KB. To my utter disbelief, I saw that what File Maker 7 had done when creating the PDF file was that it had actually embedded hundreds of copies of the same font into the PDF file!

The FDA and other regulatory agencies have specific requirements regarding fonts used in drug applications. Fortunately, a new feature of Acrobat 9 Pro (and Pro Extended) is the ability to reembed fonts.

Notably, fonts need to be embedded for compliance Ensuring that fonts are embedded properly is not particularly difficult if documents are in your control. In a perfect world, all parties which contribute to a regulatory filing would properly embed fonts. Before we get into how to do that, you need to know if the fonts are there or not.

there are times when you may need to embed fonts as a post process.

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The exact same file produced from my File Maker 6 database (with a similar number of records) weighed only about 400 KB!

See the "Validating fonts" section in this article for more information.

I work in printing and I frequently get large pdfs (2000 pages) and saving them and imposing them takes FOREVER even if I chunk it into say 10 files of 200 pages.

Acrobat users can change the initial view, unless security settings prevent changes. The "Default Page Layout" option never worked for me, but I've found another option in the Preferences that seems to work: Open Preferences.

In the Accessibility category, under "Override Page Display" check the Always use Page Layout Style and select the preferred option.

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