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, a misandrist feminazi from Burlington, Ontario who, after severe butthurt upon getting Permabanned from TV Tropes, became a professional scam artist using her hack "pop culture criticism" to complain all the time about sexism in video games(which she doesn't play) using "Let's Play" footage that she steals.

Most of her money is made by pissing off nerds until they send her death threats (or sending them to herself), going on the news to complain about it and then asking for donations from her white knights and fellow SJWs who don't realize they're being taken for a ride.

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Also, if the Fembusters controversy is anything to go by, SJWs should be labelling Anita as a sexist/misogynist/MRA for not liking Ms. (But hey, that's SJWs for you - they have no consistency.) Before her big hit with Fem Freq, Anita took classes on the best way to squeeze as much money as she possibly could from the people who attend conventions (this is literally what the class promises to teach you).

Taught by an infamous con artist together with failed actor "Bart Baggett", and another known scammer who wrote several books for con men and pick-up artists (one repeatedly referring to all women as sluts), she ran fraudulent tele-seminars about "Determining business success using handwriting" for the next three years for a company that was repeatedly accused of fraud.

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