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If your students want to have a profile on these networks/apps, Josh Ochs and his team suggests that you please consider having a dialog with them and knowing that these networks are the place to start on social media.

At the bottom of this page, we list bad apps (red zone) that we suggest you not allow your kids to access/have/use.

Facebook is the Godfather of all social media apps (and the largest of all social media networks).

Users on Facebook can share to the network from their desktop, tablet and/or mobile phone.

Most teen dating apps only allow you to interact with users in your age group.

Although some sites use suspicious keyword detection and different ways to check people’s identity, it’s still hard to know if the person you’re talking to is who they say are.

“It’s my privilege to look at her phone, but I’ve given her more privacy. That’s how they express themselves and how they learn.

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However, with parents also on Facebook, many teens are looking for other places to build their identities and communicate with friends.

Mark Zuckerberg was a nebbish student at Harvard when he built a website where other Harvard students (and eventually people around the world) could see what everyone was doing, dating, saying.

Kevin Systrom was a 20-something with a Leica camera on vacation in Baja California with his girlfriend when he came up with the concept for Instagram.

However, we feel that these apps are the “lesser of three evils” as they can be used to help a student (14 years of age) shine online to impress colleges and future employers.

When used wisely with our social media formula, these apps will help your students adjust their Google results to create a portfolio of positive online accomplishments.

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