Intimidating girl playbacks love songs

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In his over 30-year career scoring some of the most iconic Disney soundtracks of all time, Menken has seen much of his work live on beyond the screen.

The toddler is undergoing therapy at the Merle Haggard Institute for the Musically Impaired.(Ashman died of complications from AIDS before the animated film was released.)The cuts also made room for three new songs from Menken and Rice, including a more fitting ballad for the Beast, “Evermore,” sung after he lets Belle go.“We had these up numbers and the one ballad so we felt we could afford gentler or more anthem-ic moments,” Menken said of the new songs.There’s one for the household objects, “Days in the Sun,” and one for Belle’s father Maurice (Kevin Kline), “How Does a Moment Last Forever.”Menken loves different interpretations of his work."It's quite crazy -- in normal life you're not on a TV show -- so I'm just trying to get my head around it at the moment," he says.With the Live Finals only days away, Judah says we can expect another powerful ballad from one of Australia's biggest female artists.

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