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A referee then discusses the foul with the girl and decides whether the young man gets a warning or is sent packing (to be replaced by a rival).Also appearing throughout the show are two commentators who discuss and reflect on the action as it happens with super-slow mo replays and many other sporting conventions.Women cast especially for the role sit in 'The Date Zone' waiting for their first guy to appear.

The dates are real (real people on real first dates) and it all happens in 'The Date Zone'.

After a couple decided to name their child Hashtag in the 2012, I thought the term was doomed to topping the trendiest baby names list for all eternity. Reclaiming it and making it their own, comedian/producer pals Caitlin Bergh and Laura Zak wrote and starred in is about the online lives and loves of twenty-somethings.

The series follows Skylar (Bergh) who’s struggling with the ill-effects of her long-term relationship on her comedy career, and her best friend Liv (Zak), whose Instagram obsession is interfering with her Ok Cupid goals.

He’s working with me, not for me...there’s a very big difference! Johnny: Well, if he was working ‘for’ me, that means I’d be his boss! It’s a big company you know, and Harry works on the IT side. Sarah: Magda, don’t worry..all Chinese people are like that. Johnny: Maybe, but all I mean is, well, I know where I’m going... Magda could also have said 'I have an interview next week'.

I didn’t mean to be rude, but I think it’s a good idea to keep friends and work separate... Johnny: You could be right – but we don’t actually work together closely. There are more important things in life than money, you know! I’m about to finish my degree and haven’t got anything lined up for the future yet... Magda: Well, I’ve got an interview with a small architect’s practice next week... Hello Laura, Actually, 'I've got' is not the present perfect but rather the form 'have got', which means much the same as 'has', i.e.

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