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Citing a Pew Internet paper which found that school children in the U. spent less time than ever with their friends in person, Livingston said he believes Kik video chat will provide a much-used form of communication for its young userbase.Update: Oh hai, Facebook also launched group video calling today, too — we have more on that here.

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If the concept for this sounds similar to Houseparty, the video-chat app that achieved a stealthy sort of popularity last year, that’s because it is.

That way, the text conversation can continue during the video, with the option of sharing visual content like stickers, photos or videos during the video session, which is activated by flicking the video icon in the top right corner.

“We really want it to feel like a real face-to-face conversation,” Livingston explained.

"The encryption of Signal (=Whats App, FB) was funded by the US Government.

I predict a backdoor will be found there within 5 years from now," Durov claimed.

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